Brand & Experience Direction

Marrying brand and e-commerce strategy to combine 66ºNorth's rich heritage and their garments' technical capabilities into a new e-commerce proposition, retail experience and visual identity.

Services and deliverables
  • Brand architecture
  • Visual identity
  • Design system
  • e-commerce platform & experience product design
  • CRM & acquisition strategy

The challenge

66ºNorth is an Icelandic technical outerwear company established in 1926. The challenge was to bring it to an international market outside of Iceland. I identified and executed multiple areas of opportunity across the brand to bring clarity and focus across all areas of the brand:

  • Elevating the Icelandic aspect across imagery and writing.
  • The product offering being organised into halos.
  • An e-commerce experience that made it easier to tell the brand story through the product and content.
  • Tools, documentation and processes to empower the team to work independently with minimal design oversight.

Simplifying the browsing experience

The strategy for the international expansion was to make the website a nexus for other channels and better communicate the brand and product differentiation.

Campaign and e-commerce imagery was brought to the forefront of the experience — and given a refreshed direction to demonstrate the garments' capabilities and the beauty of Iceland.

Customers are quickly brought into category pages through straightforward navigation, product filters based on customer use, merchandising organised by styles that demonstrate the brand proposition, and linking commerce into editorial and lifestyle content.

Post-purchase and customer retention

To encourage growth and retention, I designed a new acquisition experience to promote growth and retention that used post-purchase journeys across email and packaging to lead to additional purchases and grow the mailing list.

Automated and personalised post-purchase emails continued the brand storytelling by using related editorial and care guides while upselling product recommendations through the lens of layering to get the most out of the customer's most recent purchase. The emails also integrate into the design system, utilising tokens and providing a robust set of email-specific components.

The packaging was updated to match the new visual identity and to message sign-ups and learn more about caring for the product and the company's message, message sustainability and circular initiatives.

Tooling and design systems

The design system for 66°North needed to provide a robust set of tools to produce compelling and beautiful experiences for team members without traditional design or UX training. A unified approach of Figma, React Components, and brand book allow for flexibility to build web features, merchandise the homepage, create articles, transactional and marketing emails, social content, films, packaging, advertising and many other touchpoints

The website is only as good as its content

Part of the website's success was codifying and elevating all the content created for campaigns and e-commerce imagery. I established a new creative and styling direction to convey the Icelandic Art of Living through casting, location and posing.

The imagery produced is used across the customer journey, from out-of-home advertising, social, web and email.

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